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Your perfect CV from the CV-Shop.com is the first step towards your dream Job.

Covering Letter → CV → Interview → New Job!

Your covering letter gives you a unique opportunity to sell yourself to your potential employer and show:

  1. How good you are
  2. Why you should be invited for an interview
  3. That you understand job requirements and fit the criteria
  4. Your interest, enthusiasm and passion about the company and the position

Employers are not interested in candidates that are just looking for “a job”. The “Ideal Employee” should be interested in the company from the very start and give the potential employer the impression that they will add value to the company. Professional recruiters can instantly spot if a candidate has done their homework on the company and the position, and it is vital that you do so. An ad-response letter is your opportunity to present all of these aspects in a fantastic introductory manner. When your potential employer sees that you have spent time researching the company, share their values and are genuinely interested in the position – you are much more likely to be invited for an interview, even if you do not have all of the required skills!

We offer letter-writing services

We can create any type of career related letter for you, for example: a standard speculative letter, an advertisement response letter, a job application follow-up letter, a ‘thank you for interview’ letter, a resignation letter or any other kind of recruitment letter you require. We will work according to your deadlines and requirements!

For example, in the case of an ad-response letter your dedicated CV expert will:

  1. Read your CV
  2. Read the job requirements and specifications
  3. Research the company
  4. Compose an outstanding, engaging and fully-targeted covering letter to accompany your CV
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Our prices start from £12.99. We offer 7, 5 and 3 day delivery options as well as a next and same day service:

  Standard 7 day Delivery  £ 12.99
  Express 5 day Delivery  £ 15.99
  Urgent 3 day Delivery  £ 18.99
  Next day Delivery  £ 26.99
  Same day Delivery  £ 39.99

Weak or amateurish letter writing can seriously damage your prospects of securing a job interview. An unstructured, rambling or incoherent letter speaks volumes about the person that sent it and is likely to end up discarded – along with your hopes of securing your dream job! A CV sent without a covering letter is inevitably going to end up in the bin. Don’t damage your career prospects by making this all too common mistake. Allow our MREC / CIPD qualified professionals to write your letters for you and place yourself high above the competition.

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How does it work?

Complete our online order form and select the type of letter you require e.g. Speculative Cover Letter, Ad Response Letter, Thank you Letter, Resignation Letter or Application Follow Up Letter. If you require a type of letter not provided on the form simply select any type of letter service (prices are all the same) and specify your requirements on the third page of the form. If you are applying for more than 1 position we recommend that you order a separate ad-response letter for each position to ensure your letter is 100% targeted to the job.

On the second page you will be asked to choose your delivery date and we will confirm the total price. On the third page we will ask you to provide us with your contact details and you will then proceed to the payment page. We offer a variety of payment methods. Upon receipt of your payment we will ask you to answer few questions about the position(s) you are applying for (with specifications, if possible) and your personal characteristics.

Your order will then be assigned to one of our professional CV experts, who will analyse your CV alongside the jobs you are applying for and they will then create an outstanding, 100%-position targeted letter which is guaranteed to grab your employer’s attention. Your letter will be written in a way that gives your potential employer the impression that you are the ideal candidate for the position and that you should be invited for an interview!

Your new, impeccably written letter will be delivered to you via e-mail (in Microsoft Word format) by your selected deadline. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you are not totally happy with your letter, your CV Expert will amend it for you for free until you are fully satisfied.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. As a reputable, UK-registered business, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest professional standards and we will never disclose your name, address or any other information to anybody - not even your allocated CV Expert.

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What kind of letter do you require?

Advertisement Response Letter

This letter is a direct reply to a job advertisement you have seen. This is your opportunity to explain why your skills and experience make you perfect for the job. Writing an effective ad-response letter is hard, because not only do you have to use key phrases from the advert, but you need to read between the lines, pick up on what your potential employer purposefully excluded from the advert and get a feel of the ideal candidate the company is looking for. Only years of recruitment experience can teach one to perfectly spot these details and transform them into an outstanding advert-response letter, which will match the candidate’s CV and present the candidate in the best possible way. This is exactly what our CV experts will do for you, if you place an order for an ad-response letter. The letter will contain a mix of dynamic key words, and the CV expert will identify all of the skills you hold that make you perfect for the job.

We accept all major payment methods:

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