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Your perfect CV from the CV-Shop.com is the first step towards your dream Job.

We offer a wide range of CV services to suit any budget and requirements. Whether you need a brand new CV or if you already have a CV and would like to improve it –
our professional CV Experts can assist you. Once you have selected the service you require, simply place your order online and let us help you boost your career!

In addition to the services listed above, we can also help you write personal statements for job applications, complete application forms, create social networking profiles or provide any other job application service or advice. To enquire about our other services, simply contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a quote.

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    CV-Shop CV experts
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    "Thank you for such a fantastic CV. I don't know what I would have done without you. Such a friendly and helpful team as well, keep it up!" - Edith F, Dublin.
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    CV-Shop guarantees

Nowadays competition in the job market is fiercer than ever. The job market is overloaded with people looking for all kinds of jobs, and they are even ready to work on a voluntary basis. According to a recent survey, on average there are 83 graduates applying for each position (in investments banking this figure goes up to 232 candidates per position).

How do you stand out from the crowd?

Employers are raising their demands and are not interested in candidates that are looking for just “a job”. With so many candidates applying for each job, recruiters now have the opportunity to be picky and they can afford to only invite candidates with perfect CVs for an interview.

Does your CV stand up to the challenge?

Your CV needs to be perfect. Not only does it need to describe you as a professional candidate in a strong, grammatically correct way, but it needs to show your potential employer that you are 100% suitable for the job. Your CV needs to reflect the requirements of your specific industry, as well as the job you are applying for.

Whatever your situation is – our professional CV Experts are here to help.

Need a brand new CV?

If you are just starting your career, have recently graduated, do not have a proper CV as yet or simply would like a fresh start – we can create a brand new CV for you. We will ask you some carefully formulated questions about your qualifications, experience and personal attributes which will allow your CV Expert to get an in-depth understanding of you as a candidate. We will also analyse which type of jobs you are applying for and will then target your CV to precisely match these types of jobs, ensuring that your potential employer will clearly see that you are suitable for their position.

If you have a CV, but not 100% happy with it – we offer a variety of options:

Our CV Review and Critique service has been designed to allow you to improve your CV at the lowest possible price. From only £29.99, our professional CV Experts will critically assess your current CV and provide you with a comprehensive CV critique along with in-text comments addressing specific issues regarding your CV. You are guaranteed to receive at least 10 suggestions for improvement, giving you the opportunity to benefit from a professional unbiased CV assessment.

Our CV Critique and Editing service is a development of the CV Review and Critique. If you select this service, your dedicated CV Expert will still provide a meticulous CV assessment, however, rather than suggesting what you should improve, the CV Expert will indicate suggested improvements for you to confirm and will then complete the editing for you. This service allows you to really fine-tune your CV and stay in total control over the changes in your CV.

We also offer a straight forward CV Editing service. When selecting the Editing service, your dedicated CV expert will review your current CV, identify ways in which it can be improved and targeted towards your desired job roles. They will then edit your CV accordingly. You can request for the Track Changes facility to be used on your CV when placing your order so you can see exactly what has been edited.

Kick start your CV with a strong personal profile

Your personal profile is the first thing your potential employer will see on your CV and it needs to impress! If your personal profile is weak, you run the risk of your CV being discarded without even being read in full. Let us help you to strengthen your CV with an outstanding personal profile from only £14.99. We will ask you some questions, which will allow your CV Expert to understand your skills, personality and the types of jobs you are applying for. Your dedicated CV Expert will then create a brand new profile for your CV which will appeal to your potential employer and improve your chances of success!

Introduce your CV with a strong and tailored covering letter

Covering letters should not be seen as an optional extra – but as a vital element of your job application. Covering letters are the first thing that your employer will look at. It is your unique chance to sell yourself to the employer and show your interest, enthusiasm and, more importantly, emphasise your suitability for that specific position. From only £12.99 our professional CV Experts can create a custom speculative letter, ad-response letter, resignation letter, “thank you for an interview” letter or application follow-up letter.

Here at CV-Shop we aim to help you attain your career ambitions without spending a fortune. Your dedicated CV Experts and friendly customer services team will do their absolute best to ensure you are 100% happy with our services and to ensure that we also comply with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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