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Part Time Jobs for Students: There are more choices for students than you think

When you are a student there is so much to think about besides studying, like eating, shopping, socialising and just general day to day living. This all needs to be funded, and what better way to do so than by having a part time job. There are hundreds of jobs available for students; some may be just a means to an end whilst others may be the start of your chosen career. However, if you are after well paid, part time jobs for students that won’t interrupt your study, then there are certain places you can look. Here are a few of the many job opportunities that there are for students, ways to get them and the possible benefits from having them.

1. Bar work

Bar WorkThis is one of the most common student jobs for a variety of reasons. Bars offer many part time jobs for students, due to the nature of the job. Like the flexibility of shift work, this benefits you and your employer. It is great fun, and the people that you meet can be very entertaining. Also, bars are always looking for new staff, and students are perfect for this industry. So the chances of you getting a job in a bar are very high. Depending on what type of bar you work at, the pay can be very good. For example, if you work at a fancy wine bar, then chances are, you will get paid more than if you worked at a local pub. If you are interested in bar work, just go around to your local pubs or clubs and hand out your CV and ask if there are any part time job vacancies.

2. Restaurants

Waitressing is very similar to bar work, in the sense that it can be very flexible, and perfect to fit around your studies. Pop into your local restaurants, enquire about part time job vacancies and hand out your CV. One major plus side to working in restaurants is the tips, so depending on how hard you work this job can be extremely well paid!

3. Freelancing jobs

Freelance JobsIf you would like to work part time from the comfort of your own home, or if you fancy a spot of work from time to time; there are also so many options for you!

Online surveys
There are many sites that will pay you to complete surveys from the comfort of home! All you have to do is register, and you will get sent surveys. Some pay a couple of pounds, and some may even pay you £50 plus! Visit websites like http://top-paying-surveys.com/, http://today.yougov.co.uk/ and http://www.onlinepaidsurveyjob.com/ to find out more.

Mystery shopping
There are hundreds of companies that will pay you to be a mystery shopper in order to assess staff at their branches. Everything gets paid for, and you are paid very well for your time. So, fancy eating out for free and giving your opinion? Visit http://www.ukmysteryshopperjobs.com/

Freelancing websites
Online surveys; mystery shopping; translating; proofreading; and illustration are just a few examples of jobs you can do, as you wish in your own free time. Here are a few websites that provide you with many freelancing jobs to do in your spare time. Have a look to see if anything suits you!


4. Call Centres

This type of job is great for students, as it generally pays quite well and it is again quite flexible. Being paid a good wage to sit down and ring people doesn’t sound too bad really does it? Call centre jobs will be advertised in local newspapers, job centres or online job sites.

5. Clinical Trials

If a permanent job is not what you want, and you just fancy a little bit of work here and there, have you considered clinical trials? Whilst this may sound risky, the utmost care is taken in regards to your safety, and you are paid extremely well for your help. So this job is perfect for the student who wants one off work, for a good amount of money.  You can apply online at sites like http://www.trials4us.co.uk/, http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/trials/ and http://www.entertrials.co.uk/clinical-trials-home

6. Being an extra

If acting is your forte, why not apply to be an extra in a film or a TV show? There are many websites that you can register your details with and if there are parts around, you will be contacted. This is also a good job for students that don’t want a full time commitment to a job. Like many other one off jobs, this has the potential to be very well paid. Depending on the role, and how long filming takes, you could make a large sum of money. Sites like http://www.starnow.co.uk/ and http://www.extras.co.uk/ can help you along the way.

7. Handing out flyers

If you fancy a well paid afternoon’s work, then flyering is just the job for you. It may not be the best paid job, but it is something you can do if you need some quick cash. It is simple, quick, and doesn’t require you to dedicate too much time to the job. Keep an eye out for advertisements and enquire in shops.

8. Child minding

Child MindingIf you like children, and enjoy spending time with them then consider childminding. It is usually paid well, as families will pay the extra for the children to be safe. If you are good, it could become a regular job, providing you with a steady income. Also, when the children have gone to sleep you have time for that extra bit of studying. Look for adverts in windows, online and through job sites.

9. Admin work

Whether you are a receptionist, PA or if you are archiving, it is always good to have admin work on your CV. Office work pays very well, so it is a good place to look. As well as brushing up on your IT skills, this job allows you to gain valuable experience. Although it may not be as flexible as other jobs mentioned, you could still request part time work or temporary assignments. Office work is often advertised online, in newspapers, and even at your student union, so keep your eyes peeled for part time job vacancies.

10. Retail

Retail JobsThis includes clothes shops, music shops, hardware stores, supermarkets and even cinemas! All of these jobs are perfect for part time jobs for student. They are flexible, with good pay, and allows you to concentrate on your studies. Of all of the retail jobs, supermarkets pay the best! You get to meet new people every day, and these jobs often come with some kind of discount for you on their products.

11. Libraries

If you want something a little less hectic than bar or waitressing work, then maybe try your library. This is good if you want more day time work and more time to yourself in the evening. Also, being closer to the books you need for your course may help your studying! The best paid libraries will be part of your university, as unions tend to pay their students quite well. Enquire at your library or student union today, and ask if there any vacancies.

Other resources

There are many part time student jobs, and they are not all listed above. Here are some more ways in which you can find student jobs.

  1. Visit your student union; they may have a job board or job shop. These will advertise jobs perfect for students.
  2. http://www.e4s.co.uk/
    This site is dedicated to advertising jobs for students, offering a wide range of job opportunities. This one is definitely worth looking into!
  3. http://www.student-jobs.co.uk/
    This site is also dedicated to students, and there are hundreds of jobs advertised that you may be interested in.
  4. Look in local newspapers for job advertisements for student jobs
  5. Sign up to job centres (whether they are online or not) they can keep you updated with a variety of part time job vacancies
  6. http://www.justjobs4students.co.uk/
    This is another site that is dedicate to student jobs, and it is worth having a look.
  7. http://student-part-time-jobs.com/
    This site specialises in advertising part time jobs for students.
  8. http://www.studentjob.co.uk/
    Another useful site that specialises in advertising part time job vacancies

We hope our research on the varied part time student jobs has helped you. With all of the jobs discussed, your CV is going to be your best tool to ensure that you can get a part time job. Here at CV-Shop, our CV Writers can create you a CV that is perfect for whatever job you are applying for, whilst presenting you in the best way possible. Our custom writing services will provide you with a great CV that will improve your job prospects. If you want to further your career prospects and move forward into your perfect part-time job then order a custom-written Student CV today!

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