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Your perfect CV from the CV-Shop.com is the first step towards your dream Job.

Is your career worth spending £29.99 for a professional CV assessment?

It is very hard, almost impossible, to write a perfect CV yourself. You need to know your industry inside out and have the ability to analyse job requirements. Understanding what your potential employer is looking for is vital to your success. The hardest part is being able to critically assess your work and notice your own mistakes.

To improve your CV, you need an honest, unbiased and professional CV assessment, as well as an in depth review and critique that will provide suggestions for improvement.

We offer a CV Review and Critique Service

For only £29.99, your dedicated CV Expert will:

  • Scrupulously read your CV, spotting every single mistake
  • Assess the suitability of your CV for the jobs you are applying for
  • Identify ways in which your CV can be improved

You will receive:

  • An in-depth review and critique of your CV (with at least 10 points for improvement)
  • A copy of your CV with in-text comments, highlighting problem areas with explanations from your CV Expert

As an additional bonus, FREE pre-written thank you, application follow up and resignation letters are included with your order.

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It is obvious that it is not possible to spot all of your own mistakes and know further ways to improve what you have written therefore, a second opinion is essential.

Asking a friend, relative or colleague to look at your CV is of course an option. However the question is, how much time (and effort) will they spend on it? Additionally, do they hold the skills you require (e.g. professional copywriting experience, recruitment experience etc) in order to give you a professional assessment, rather than just friendly advice?

Only professional CV Experts can give you constructive, professional and honest advice.

How does it work?

All you need to do is place your order via our online form and select the CV Review and Critique service. The second page of the form will offer several delivery options (7-days, 5-days, 3-days, next day and same day delivery) with prices. The last page of the form will ask you to attach your CV and provide us with your contact details. You will then be taken to the payment page where you will be offered a choice of payment methods.

Upon receipt of your payment we will ask you a few questions about the jobs you are applying for, to enable your CV assessor to get the full picture. If, at a later date we have any questions – we will contact you by e-mail.

The review and critique of your CV will be delivered to you by your selected deadline (in Microsoft Word format) and will contain in-text comments on your CV. We will also provide a separate review and critique, containing at least 10 points for improvement. For all of our services, we guarantee 100% Satisfaction, so if you are less than 100% satisfied we will rectify the situation for you until you are happy.

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Delivery options and prices

  Standard 7 day Delivery  £ 29.99
  Express 5 day Delivery  £ 39.99
  Urgent 3 day Delivery  £ 49.99
  Next day Delivery  £ 64.99
  Same day Delivery  £ 84.99

Your CV is imperative to you, and so is it to us. Our CV Experts will review your current CV and provide you with a written critique and in-text comments regarding how they think it may be improved, including how to highlight your strengths in a ‘features and benefits’ format, advice on grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, syntax, spelling and layout. Our CV Experts will also offer suggestions on how you can make the most of your career to date and capitalise on your strengths, enabling you to grab the attention of recruiters and greatly increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

Have a look at our samples of work and client testimonials to see how professional and helpful our services are. Further details on our CV Review and Critique service are available within the frequently asked questions section.

If your career is important to you - get a professional to fine-tune your CV. We offer a variety of CV services, including CV writing from scratch, CV editing and CV Critique and Editing, which is an advanced version of our CV Review and Critique service. Whatever option is suitable for you – you can place your order with CV-Shop with confidence, knowing that your order will be dealt with professionally. All of our services comply with our promises and guarantees and leave you satisfied and your career prospects improved!

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