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Internship opportunities

An internship is a fantastic to way to gain on the job training in your chosen industry, and with so many internship opportunities, it can be hard to know where to look. There are so many benefits to becoming an intern, especially if you are eager to learn more and broaden your experience. Whilst having an education is very important to employment, so is having experience and internships are the best way to merge both.

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Marketing Internships

There are many opportunities for marketing interns, and there are a variety of roles on offer. Marketing intern roles can be available in a variety of areas like advertising; PR Graphics; and even event planning! You will mainly be shadowing the other members of staff, and this is a great opportunity to learn as much as you can. As a marketing assistant/intern, you will be able to partake in developing the company’s marketing strategies; creating images and articles; developing publicity; and liaising with the media.

Financial internships

You will get first hand experience in the financial sector if you become a financial intern. You may be given the opportunity to prepare financial forecasts; provide statistics regarding performance against targets; and shadow the financial advisers.

Business Internships

As a business intern in a firm, you will often be given the opportunity to work in all aspects of the company. You may spend a few weeks in sales; advertising; finance; and human relations. This is a perfect way to further your business knowledge, and give you experience in all aspects of business.

Film intern

Film is a very competitive field, and finding an internship can be tricky. As a film intern you will get experience in production; editing; direction; sound; and images. All roles are likely to be junior but you will benefit from dabbling with the whole industry. 

Law Internship

As a law intern, you will learn invaluable lessons about the way in which a legal practice is run. You may get the opportunity to draft legal documents; sit in on hearings and court cases; carry out basic office tasks; and you will gain on the job experience regarding different areas of law.

Fashion Design Intern

If you have a love for fashion, being a fashion intern will be a dream come true. You will get to talk to and meet suppliers; learn how the fashion industry works; assist in the design of items; and learn about sales targets.

Construction Internships

As a construction intern, you will generally learn a bit about the physical side of construction and the management side. The management side will allow you to develop your management skills; take responsibilities for the other workers; talk to suppliers; and learn about a variety of materials.

Recruitment internship

This is a highly competitive industry, and work will be exciting and face paced. In general you will be given a lot of responsibility. Many firms will expect you to deal with new applicants; telephone interview people; conduct background checks; create job descriptions; and to assist in the development of partner relations.

Where to Look for Internships

If you are interested in applying for an internship, then there are many places you can look.

  1. If you only know what industry you want to work in.

    There are many websites designed to offer you help when looking for internship opportunities. Like a search engine (i.e. Google) all you have to do is input a phrase like “business internships” and if there are any, then they will be listed. Here are a few useful sites to get you started.

    http://www.internship-uk.com/     http://www.idealist.org/
    http://www.e4s.co.uk/                    http://milkround.com/

  2. You know what company you want to work for

    If you know what company you want to get an internship for, the best thing to do is contact them! Check on their websites for any internships and vacancies. If there aren’t any listed, then just send them an email or a letter expressing your interest. It’s good to be proactive!

  3. You just need more information about the internship process?

    These sites will give you even more background information on internships, have a look!


Applying for internships can be very tricky, as the competition is fierce. The application processes can be long, and are often very difficult. As there are so many people applying for that particular role, you have to stand out from the masses. CV-Shop can assist in all aspects of your application. At CV-Shop.com, we specialise in creating custom written CVs for our clients. Contact us to inform us of the nature of the job you are applying for, let us know it is an internship, and our CV experts will create a fantastic internship CV for you. The CV for your internship application needs to be well written, in order to convince the organisation you are applying for, that you should be considered for the post; our CV experts can do that for you.

We provide a variety of services, so whether you need a custom written CV or if you just need your CV edited, we can help you.

If you feel confident with your internship CV, but need help with application questions, our CV experts can provide you with detailed and professional answers. With so many internship opportunities, it is vital you do everything you can to secure a great position. Just contact us with your enquiry and application questions, and get one step closer to that internship!

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