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Your CV Expert will analyse what your potential employer is looking for and will reflect it in your CV and letters in order to make the most of your career to date whilst capitalising on your strengths. Our CV Experts know exactly what information to include, what to emphasise and, just as importantly, what to leave out. By completing the form below, you give consent that we may contact you for clarifications or special offers.
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Custom CV
A professionally written custom CV showcasing your skills and experience, presenting them with maximum impact. We will match your CV to the jobs you are applying for and ask you to answer some questions. Choose from Student / Recent Graduate, Starter, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior or Sector Specific.
 £ 49.99


CV Review and Critique
Our CV expert will review your current CV from the “recruiter” point of view and provide you with a written critique and in-text comments on how they think it may be improved. This will include tips on how to highlight your strengths in a ‘features and benefits’ format, advice on grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, syntax, spelling and layout. We will also assess how well your CV matches the types of jobs you are applying for.
 £ 29.99


CV Editing
Our CV expert will assess your CV from the perspective of your potential employer and evaluate the suitability of your CV to the jobs you are applying for. Your CV will then be edited in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling and formatting, as well as making sure the text flows well, in a logical way. Any awkward words or sentences will be replaced with clear, concise and informative alternatives. Where appropriate, we’ll also introduce influential key words and phrases we know recruiters will be looking for.
 £ 39.99


CV Critique and Editing
Our CV expert will assess your CV, taking into consideration the requirements of your chosen industry and will evaluate the suitability of your CV to the jobs you are applying for. We will then provide you with a full written critique of your CV including in-text comments, advice on formatting, vocabulary, syntax and overall presentation. Once you have approved our suggestions, we will take into account your comments and make the necessary changes to deliver your high-impact CV.
  £ 59.99


Do you need letters?

Speculative Cover Letter
Our CV experts will write you to a customised letter to send to a potential employer.

Ad Response Letter
Our CV experts will write you a customised accompanying letter for your CV stating your interest in a specific role and highlighting your achievements, skills, experience and relevant qualifications.


With your order we will provide you with a FREE pre-written “thank you letter”, “application follow up” and “resignation letter”. These are standard letters, however if you would like us to custom-write one or more of these letter for you - please select from the option below:

Thank you Letter
Our CV experts will write you a customised letter to send to your potential employer expressing your appreciation following an interview. The letter will illustrate that you are looking forward to receiving the result.
Resignation Letter
We will write you a courteous and appreciative letter confirming your intention to resign from your current role which will also include all relevant information, i.e. notice period and last day of employment etc.
Application Follow Up Letter
Our CV experts will write you a customised letter requesting receipt of an application / CV submission which will also politely remind them that you are waiting for a response or result.


Please provide us requirements and further details for your letters:


Would you be interested in our personal profile service?

Personal Profile for CV
It can be difficult to sing your own praises, especially without resorting to well worn phrases or clichés. Our CV experts will write you a hard-hitting personal profile that grabs the attention of recruiters and perfectly sums up your personality, skills and ambitions.

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