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Your perfect CV from the CV-Shop.com is the first step towards your dream Job.

You have 30 seconds to grab the attention of recruiters – is your personal profile up to the challenge?

The personal profile is the first section of your CV that catches the attention of your potential employer. Regrettably, if your personal profile is weak or poorly written, this is often the only part of your CV that will be looked at. A personal profile is the first opportunity you have to sell yourself to the employer and it is your chance to give them a snap shot of your skills, ambitions and personality and convince them to read your CV in full!

We Offer Custom Personal Profile Writing

From only £14.99 you will receive a brand new personal profile:

  • Tailored to maximise your individual strengths and experiences
  • Written by a MREC/CIPD qualified CV Expert
  • Designed to exactly match the industry / jobs you are applying for

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We work to your requirements and deadlines

See our samples of work and client testimonials. We offer same day, next day, 3, 5, or 7 day delivery options all designed to suit you! Whatever delivery option you pick, and no matter what requirements you specify, we guarantee that you will receive a fantastic, professionally written personal profile direct to your email inbox!

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Standard 7 day Delivery £ 14.99 £29.98
Express 5 day Delivery £ 19.99 £39.98
Urgent 3 day Delivery £ 24.99 £49.98
Next day Delivery £ 34.99 £69.98
Same day Delivery £ 49.99 £99.98

If your career is important to you - get a professional to fine-tune your CV. We offer a variety of CV services, including CV writing from scratch, CV editing, CV Review and Critique and CV Critique and Editing. Whatever option is most suitable for you – you can place your order with CV-Shop with confidence, knowing that your order will be dealt with professionally. All of our services comply with our promises and guarantees and will leave you satisfied and your career prospects improved!

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You need an outstanding personal profile to ensure that your CV is read. Remember, it is the very first thing a recruiter will see. Our CV Experts will look at all aspects of your personality, skills, ambitions and your unique selling points to create a fantastic personal profile. This section of your CV is typically between 80 – 200 words, so there isn’t much room for waffling; it has to be straight to the point. Our experts will take the most important points and produce a personal profile that uses the most relevant key words for your industry in a concise and effective manner. With our comprehensive set of guarantees, you can be certain that CV-Shop has your best interests at heart.

Are you struggling to sell yourself to employers?

Employers want to see good, suitable candidates at interviews. When deciding whether to invite a candidate for an interview, an employer assesses whether the candidate possesses the necessary skills, shares the company values and has the potential to become an asset to the company. This assessment is primarily based on the candidate’s personal profile and its ability to sell the candidate in a persuasive way, without resorting to the use of clichés.

Selling yourself is a difficult job in itself. However, in a situation where you are not fully aware of what personal characteristics are required by your potential employer, this job becomes extremely hard and your chances of success can deteriorate significantly. This is why, before you apply for a job, it is necessary to conduct extensive research into the company and the position. Your personal profile needs to reflect your strengths in the context of the position you are applying for.

Our Expert CV writers at CV-Shop will write your profile in a way that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

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