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Academic CV: how to create winning CV for research and teaching

Like any other CV, an Academic CV should reflect the post you are applying for. This is why applications for academic posts (i.e. researcher, lecturer) have to contain different types of information than that of a typical CV. To apply for an academic post, it is often necessary that you have a certain type of experience.

An academic CV will generally be longer than a more traditional CV, due to the fact that you need to detail and explain you academic background. This still means that you should be concise, but remember you have some room for elaboration. In the research, academic and educational fields, scholarly achievements are generally more important than professional achievements. Although all achievements should be mentioned, pay specific attention to any publications, research papers etc that you may have written.

The seven main areas of focus for an academic CV

  1. Education
  2. Publications
  3. Teaching experience
  4. Employment history
  5. Research
  6. Conferences attended
  7. Your skills

Example CV for an academic post at a University to lecture in Literature and Classics

Eva Galbriath
26 Johnson Road Email. Eva.galbriath@hotmail.com
Frenley green Tel. 07654123456
NW2 6JU  

My main areas of research lie in the field of ancient Greek literature. I find ancient Greek literature fascinating, as it dates back to a time where life was so different. I believe that understanding the literature, takes us many steps forwards in understanding ancient Greek culture.

I am currently collating research for my next thesis, which will focus on Greek Mythology and story of Oedipus. I aim to conduct further research into the stories of Oedipus the King; Oedipus at Colonus; and Antigone; the three stories of Oedipus.

2005-2008 PhD Ancient Greek mythology and the role of the family

University of Leeds: funding awarded from the Leeds Archaeology society

  • My thesis explored areas of research that I felt needed further development, mainly regarding Greek mythological stories.
  • I visited sites of archaeological interest in Greece to inspire my thesis; the most beneficial was my three month stay in an ancient archaeological site in Thebes.
  • Focus was made greatly on the Royal line of Thebes, starting with the story of Oedipus. 
  • See attached for the full synopsis of my thesis proposal

2003-2004 MA Classics, Hellenic and Hellenistic Near East MA

University of Leeds:
Modules studied include:

  • Greek philology and Ionain Literature.
  • The Political, Social and Economic History of the Hellenistic World.
  • Hellenistic Art and Architecture.
  • Dissertation title: The depiction of Men in Trojan women by Euripides.

2000-2003 BA hons English, Classical and Archaeology studies (1st class)

University of Leeds:
Modules studied include:

  • Greek and Roman Civilization
  • Atlantis: The History of a Legend and the Invention of Utopias
  • Classical Mythology
  • Languages of Literature
  • Greek Religion
  • Development of the Greek city-state
  • Politics and culture in 5th century Athens

1997-2000 A levels

         Allerton High School
         History (A), English Literature (A), Geography (B), Art (B)

1992-1997 GCSE

         Allerton High School
         10 GCSE (A*-B Grades)

Galbriath. E, Smith. J, Jones. D (2007) ‘Antigone: the modern woman’ Published in Ancient Greeks R us (256-302)
Galbriath, E (2009) ‘Greek mythological literature’ Published in Myths today, (105-196)
Galbriath, E (2010) ‘Oedipus: the man behind the myth’ Published in Ancient Greeks R us

Teaching experience
2000-2004 GCSE Tutor

I mentored GCSE English students, and provided tutoring sessions to help them with their exams.

I went through assignment and examination texts with them. Tutored them on subjects including Chaucer, Shakespeare, American Literature and 19th Century English Literature

2006-2010 Lecturer
I lectured at Leeds University, and specialised in Undergraduate classical literature and historical studies.

Work Experience
2003-2005 Librarian
Librarian at my University library, and supported classical and literature students. Whilst working with the texts, I learnt even more about classical literature.

2001-2002 Office admin staff
I helped with basic office tasks, like archiving; filing; photocopying; note taking; and general office support.

April 2007 - Presentation on Ancient Greek mythology: Leeds Graduate School funding conference. The conference won the University £5000 for research funding.

Professional memberships

  • I have been a member of the Society for Medieval Archaeology for three years
  • As an avid Bronte Sisters fan, I have also been part of the Brontë Parsonage Museum and Brontë Society for nine years
  • Have been a member of the Classical Association society for the past two years
  • I have also been a keen member of the Hellenic society for eight years

Technical skills - I have acquired many skills throughout my work and educational experience. Completed a Microsoft 2007 course, enabling me to be fully competent in all aspects of the programme.


Prof. Joe Bloggs (Tutor)
School of English Literature
University of Leeds
LD23 5HG
Email: J.Bloggs@leeds.ac.uk
Prof. Jane Doe (Supervisor)
School of Archaeology
University of Leeds
LD23 5HG
Email: J.Doe@leeds.ac.uk
Mrs Susannah Jones (Office Manager)
Offices today
Avenue Street
LD45 7SV
Email: Suzie_J@hotmail.com

If you are looking for an academic job, teaching job or research job – a suitable academic CV is essential to ensure your application is successful.

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