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A Guide to Graduate Jobs by Industry

If you have or are about to graduate, then the question that may be running through your head is ‘what next?’ There are opportunities for graduates in many industries, and this article is designed to show you where you need to look and how you can apply.

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Marketing Graduate Jobs

As a marketing graduate, you will have already grasped the theoretical side to your field. Graduate jobs are there to give you the opportunity to turn the knowledge into experience. After you graduate there are many roles that can become available to you like:

- Trainee marketing assistant
- Trainee sales associate
- Junior Copywriter
- Junior designer
- Junior digital project manager
- Junior Data executive
- Assistant Brand manager
;- Internal communications assistant
- Events Steward
- Trainee Research Executive

Accountancy graduate jobs

As an accountancy graduate, you can find graduate accountancy roles in many places. Whilst banks and accountancy firms may be the obvious choices, they aren’t the only options. All companies that sell a service will have an accountancy department, so you could find a job in a fashion company in the accountancy department!

- Trainee investment banker- Trainee Account researcher
- Trainee auditor
- Financial accountant
- Accounts Assistant
- Investment Analyst
- Trainee Account manager
- Accounting Technician
- Trainee AP clerk
- Accounts Payable assistant

http://www.cityjobs.com/ is a site that is dedicated to accounting; banking; and finance jobs, and they advertise roles for graduates!

http://www.accountancyjobsonline.co.uk/ is another place you can look.

IT Graduate Jobs

With an IT degree, you are probably very aware that IT is a part of everyday life now. Like many fields, IT is a very broad subject, and you will have the opportunity to work in a whole host of different industries, with roles like:

- Junior IT product manager
- Trainee web developer
- IT sales executives
- Graduate Software tester
- Trainee Programmer
- Junior systems administrators
- Software engineer
- Technical support consultant
- Security Analyst
- Infrastructure support analyst

http://www.justit.co.uk/it_jobs. This site is dedicated to IT jobs, which makes it a fantastic palace for you to start looking

http://www.itjobsforgraduates.com/ this site focuses on graduates, and has a whole database of jobs ready for you to apply for!

Fashion Graduate Jobs

If fashion is your forte, then you should understand that the field is extremely competitive. The fashion industry can offer graduates jobs like:
- Assistant merchandiser                   - Buying Administration Assistant
- Design administrator                        - Product support assistant
- Garment Technologist                      - Merchandise planner
- Market Researcher                            - Merchandise administration assistant
- Fashion photographer                      - Fashion predictor

These roles are very exciting, and you need to keep your eye out for them.

http://www.drapersonline.com/ is a fashion magazine that will allow you to keep up to date with the fashion industry. This magazine also advertises job vacancies, for graduates!

http://uk.fashionjobs.com/jobs/index.php this site is purely dedicated to advertising fashion jobs, and is definitely worth having a look at!

Law Graduate Jobs

Law is becoming increasingly competitive, with thousands of law students graduating every year. This means that you need to be looking everywhere for your first law job! Depending on your area of interest, there are many jobs available. A law firm isn’t the only opportunity available for you; you could get a role in the legal department to many different companies! You could be a:

- Trainee patent attorney
- legal secretary
- Legal assistant
- Trainee Solicitor
- Trainee Law costs Draftsmen
- Personal injury claim handler
- Legal cashier
- Paralegal case handler
- Trainee Insurance Broker
- Paralegal trademark administer

These three are websites that focus on legal jobs, and all have jobs suitable for graduates!


Graduate schemes

These are fantastic for graduates, as they are designed to give work experience as well as on the job training. They are extremely competitive, and places often run out in a matter of weeks. Graduate schemes are often advertised on companies websites, or on job searching sites.

Other Resources

If your industry is not listed above, do not fear! There are so many resources available to you, that finding a graduate job has never been easier.

  1. Graduate Career fairs are perfect to find out more information. They will be advertised at your University, and they are definitely worth attending
  2. Newspapers often advertise jobs for graduates, and papers like the Guardian have a whole section for graduate jobs! http://jobs.guardian.co.uk/jobs/graduate/
  3. http://www.thegraduate.co.uk/
  4. http://www.jobsite.co.uk/channels/graduate.html
  5. http://www.graduate-jobs.com/
  6. http://www.gradjobs.co.uk/
  7. http://www.grb.uk.com/
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