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Sales CV example together with a basic guide on how to write a Sales CV, brought to you from CV-Shop free resources

Sales CV candidate’s personality

Before applying for a job it is in your interest to make sure that your personality is suited to the specific role you have chosen, as your decision at this stage is likely to have a major influence on your level of work satisfaction and how long you stay in that industry or profession.

People who choose a career in sales normally possess some of the following personality traits.

Self confident Money motivated
Persistent Proactive
Passionate Good listener

Sales CV Example | CV-Shop How to Write a CV Guide

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Sales and Account Manager with a passion for winning Business Development – Travel Sales Specialist – Team Leadership

Personal Profile

A personal profile is where you sell yourself. If you don’t know how to do this, or are not sure which keywords are best to use, speak to CV-Shop. We are happy to help.


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Area of Expertise

Your sales-focused CV should bullet point your relevant key skills and areas of expertise. Below is a minimum number you should include. Bear in mind that every element of your CV needs to correspond with the area of sales. If it doesn't, leave it out!


  1. * Revenue Management
  2. * Problem Solving
  3. * Business Acumen
  4. * Change Management
  5. * Team Working
  6. * Consumer Insights
  7. * Business Development
  8. * Negotiating and Closing
  9. * Customer Relationship Development


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To be successful in sales, interpersonal relations are vital – you need to be able to strike a rapport with your clients when working within sales.

It’s true that some people are '' salespeople and many employers use psychometric testing to try to identify desirable character traits to appoint the best people. However, as with any other profession, most of a salesperson's skills can be learned.

Perhaps the most important skills for a salesperson are initiative, self-confidence and integrity. An understanding of your company’s wider perspective is also important.

Turn your job descriptions into impressive achievements:

Professional Experience & Significant Achievement

It is very important that the Professional Experience section of your Sales CV shows a track record of sales achievement. Under each employer / position of your sales CV, include a brief paragraph that highlights your responsibilities (such as region, budget, roles & responsibilities, etc.). Then provide a bulleted list of your main achievements, and make sure they are meaningful to the potential employer reading your CV. If possible, include concrete and specific facts that have a quantifiable monetary value. This will intrigue employers and draw attention to your application.

Sales CV achievement example:

Company A

Responsible for securing, managing and developing existing key accounts and maximising profit and growth, through long-term client relationships, key business strategies and business Acumen

  • * Top performer Inside Sales: No 1 out of 14 Company Sales League 2009
  • * Implemented key strategies for increasing online booking, increasing turnover by 85%, the equivalent of   £15,000 per month
  • * Increased portfolio revenue share by cross-selling new product lines resulting in an initial 62% sales   increase within my existing portfolio
  • * Successfully gained 20 new influential clients including a European contract with a spend of £15.1m pa

Education and Professional Development

Sales CV Education and Professional development section would probably include but not limited to the following:

  • * Management Courses
  • * BA
  • * MA
  • * Msc
  • * MBA

  • Sales CV Example of Education and professional development

    Key Account Management Course (Reed) 2010

    Learned best-practice techniques to engage with clients, negotiating, reporting and providing high levels of service when managing multiple relationships

    Personal Information

    The personal section of your Sales CV should include hobbies and interests that show you have a social life so the prospective employer knows you have life experience as well as those interpersonal skills that money can’t buy.

  • * Interests & Pastimes

  • So now you know how to write a Sales CV. Bear in mind that a well written Sales CV can place you in a position to negotiate on your remuneration package, while a badly written Sales CV will not even get a response. Don’t be the jobseeker with a bad Sales CV; you could be missing out on a huge sales commission structure. Let CV-Shop write your Sales CV today.

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