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Outstanding CV services from CV experts.

CV editing and CV writing with rapid turnaround time. Our specialist CV writers and professional letter writers will massively improve your chances of securing an interview.

CV-shop offers a complete range of professional CV writing services including custom written CVs, CV review and critique, CV editing, CV critique and editing, letter writing, personal profile writing and LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Highly competitive prices – get a full CV from just £49.99
  2. Professionally written CVs by our UK-based MREC / CIPD qualified CV experts
  3. Same day or next day delivery service or options of  3, 5 and 7 day delivery
  4. 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed
  5. FREE 1 month amendment service to all customers
  6. Completely original and no resale guaranteed
  7. 20 minutes response time between 8am and 11pm guaranteed



Custom written CVs from £49.99

We provide graduate CVs, starter and intermediate CVs, senior, advanced and sector- specific CVs. Our CV experts have in-depth recruiter knowledge and will tailor you a CV to suit your exact requirements. Custom written CVs start at just £49.99 and we offer a full one month free amendment service and full money-back guarantee. A FREE pre-written thank you letter, application-follow up and resignation letter are included with your order. Choose between our 7-day delivery service through to 5, 3 and next day completion dates. And if you place your order before midday, we can even email your new CV to you the very same day!

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See our complete range of CV options, prices and delivery schedules here.

CV Review and Critique from £29.99

Send us your current CV. We’ll then review it and provide you with a critique of how our experts think it could be built on and improved.  We’ll check every detail including sentence construction, grammar, vocabulary, syntax, spelling and formatting.

 CV-Shop experts will also suggest how you can make the most of your career to date and capitalise on your strengths - for example, how to describe your skills and experience in a ‘features and benefits’ format.  This will enable a prospective employer to understand how you will be an asset to their organisation.

Altogether you will receive a minimum of 10 suggestions on how to improve your resume. Our CV review and critique service starts at just £29.99 and as with our custom written CVs, you can choose from a 7, 5, 3, 1 and same day delivery service option.

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See full details of our CV review and critique service.

CV Editing from £39.99

Our expert CV writers will ask you what kind of job you are applying for and adapt your CV towards your target employers. We will thoroughly check through your CV to ensure it is free of any errors including sentence construction, grammar, vocabulary, syntax and spelling. Importantly, we’ll also make sure it is in a recruiter-friendly format. Finally, we’ll make all the necessary changes and deliver it straight to your email for your approval.

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See full details of our CV editing service.

CV Critique and Editing from 59.99

Our combined critique and editing service gives you complete control over your final CV. Our expert writing team will review your current CV and suggest at least 10 improvements that can be made to give it more impact. They will provide in-text comments and advice on formatting, vocabulary, syntax and overall presentation and then, subject to your approval, and taking into account any further suggestions you may have, they will make all the necessary changes to provide you with an outstanding CV. Prices start from just £59.99, You can take advantage of our next day, 3, 5 or 7 day delivery options.

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See full details of our CV critique and editing service.

Letter writing from 12.99

Our professional letter writing service is here to help you at every stage of your job search including speculative cover letters, response letters to recruitment ads, customised application letters, a resignation notice or a personalised thank you. Our letter writing experts will create a powerful, impeccably written letter tailored to your exact needs for as little as £12.99. Remember, a poorly written letter can seriously damage your credibility with a prospective or existing employer.

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See full details of our letter writing service.

Personal profile writing from 14.99

A CV-Shop personal profile grabs the attention of recruiters and perfectly sums up your personality, skills and ambitions.
It can be difficult to sing your own praises, especially without resorting to well worn phrases or clichés.  That’s why it’s a good idea to leave it to the experts. We’ll deliver your personal profile direct to your email from just £14.99.  And if you place your order before midday can it be completed the same day. 

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our next day, 3, 5 or 7 day delivery options.

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See full details of our personal profile writing service.

LinkedIn profiles from £14.99

A great personal profile on LinkedIn and other business networking websites is one of the quickest ways of getting noticed and opening doors. Just upload your personal profile to get you wider exposure in the marketplace to get that job you really want.

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