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Design CV example together with a basic guide on how to write a Design CV, brought to you from CV-Shop free resources

Design CV candidate’s personality

Before applying for a job it is in your interest to make sure that your personality and skills are suited to the specific role you have chosen, as your decision at this stage is likely to have a major influence on your level of work satisfaction and how long you stay in that industry or profession.People who choose a career in design normally possess some of the following personality traits and skills.

 Opinionated  Background in arts
 Persistent  Highly creative
 Passionate about design  Adobe Suite / Mac skills

Design CV Example | How to Write a Design CV Guide

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2D / 3D Designer with a passion for original conceptsExhibition - Graphics - Print - Web

Personal Profile

A personal profile is where you sell yourself. If you don’t know how to do this, or are not sure which keywords are best to use, speak to CV-Shop. We are happy to help.


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Area of Expertise

Your design-focused CV should bullet point your relevant key skills and areas of expertise. Below is a minimum number you should include. Bear in mind that every element of your CV needs to correspond with the area of design. If it doesn't, leave it out!

  1. * Production of both 2D/3D concepts
  2. * Print-ready artwork, 3D stand visualisation and design
  3. * Extensive Blue Chip portfolio
  4. * Talented, creative and reliable
  5. * Strong problem solving skills
  6. * In-depth knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, AutoCAD and   3DS Max and Creative Suite for Apple Mac
  7. * Comprehensive knowledge of HTML, DHTML, ASP, ADO, VBScript, CSS, JavaScript, SQL,   Oracle, Asp.net, Tandem NS SQL, Paradox
  8. * Able to work across multiple projects to deadlines, independently and as part of a team


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To be successful in design, it is vital that you possess a high level of natural artistic talent and be skilled in a variety of techniques, as well as being willing to learn and develop your talents. Good designers are always aware of their audience and tailor their work to meet the expectations of that particular audience. There is no room for prima donnas!

The most successful designers are team players and recognise that people have different tastes. They do not shrink from criticism and are not afraid to adapt their ideas to suit their clients. This includes being able to solve problems quickly and effectively when they arise.

It is also vitally important to have wide variety of technical skills. You should have excellent computer skills and have a strong working knowledge of all popular design software suites, as well as manual design techniques.

Turn your job descriptions into impressive achievements:

Professional Experience & Significant Achievement

It is very important that the Professional Experience section of your Design CV shows a track record of relevant achievement. Under each employer / position of your design CV, include a brief paragraph that highlights your responsibilities (such as roles & responsibilities, etc.). Then provide a bulleted list of your main achievements, and make sure they are meaningful to the potential employer reading your CV. If possible, include concrete and specific facts. This will intrigue employers and draw attention to your application.

Graphic Design CV achievement example:

Company A

An award-wining multimedia graphic website designer and programmer. A conceptual thinker possessing a strong work ethic and impeccable standards. Responsible for all areas of graphic and web design in a busy multimedia design agency, based in Bloomsbury, London.

  • * 11 years’ experience in Graphic and Web Design
  • * Responsible for managing and completing various successful design assignments
  • * Expertise in delivering on-line and print solutions for small and medium businesses
  • * Provided art and graphic design for corporate websites, brand strategies, company reports, brochures, presentations and marketing collateral
  • * Responsibility for preparing and estimating costs

Education and Professional Development

Design CV Education and Professional development section would probably include but not be limited to the following:

  • * BA
  • * MA
  • * MFA
  • * Post-graduate certificates and diplomas

  • Design CV Example of Education and professional development

    BA Graphic Information Design

    A wide-ranging course dealing with diverse skills in design and graphic information, encouraging creativity, individuality, personal growth and understanding through the study of the fundamental principles of design and communication. Developed awareness and understanding of social and environmental contexts of design and identified diverse and practical communication strategies.

    Personal Information

    The personal section of your Design CV should include hobbies and interests that show you have a social life so the prospective employer knows you have life experience as well as those interpersonal skills that money can’t buy.

  • * Interests & Pastimes:

  • So now you know how to write a Design CV. Bear in mind that a well written Design CV can place you in a position to negotiate on your remuneration package, while a badly written Design CV will not even get a response. Don’t be the jobseeker with a bad Design CV; you could be missing out on rewarding career. Let CV-Shop write your Design CV today.

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