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Engineering CV example together with a basic guide on how to write an Engineering CV, brought to you from CV-Shop free resources

Engineering CV candidate’s personality

Before applying for a job it is in your interest to make sure that your personality is suited to the specific role you have chosen, as your decision at this stage is likely to have a major influence on your level of work satisfaction and how long you stay in that industry or profession.

People who choose a career in engineering normally possess some of the following personality traits.

 Self confident  Strong in maths / sciences
 Persistent  Methodical problem solver
 Team player  Logical & practical

Engineering CV Example | CV-Shop How to Write a CV Guide

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Systems engineer with a strong background in marine engineering Systems Engineering – Process Development – Team Leadership

Personal Profile

A personal profile is where you sell yourself. If you don’t know how to do this, or are not sure which keywords are best to use, speak to CV-Shop. We are happy to help.


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Area of Expertise

Your engineering-focused CV should bullet point your relevant key skills and areas of expertise. Below is a minimum number you should include. Bear in mind that every element of your CV needs to correspond with the area of your branch of engineering. If it doesn't, leave it out!

  1. * Engineering and project management experience
  2. * Logical, analytical approach to effective problem resolutions
  3. * Able to provide advice and guidance on marine systems
  4. * Experienced in conducting safety assessments and investigations
  5. * Change management
  6. * Strong team leadership skills with hands-on approach
  7. * Experience of propulsion systems, power generation and distribution
  8. * Able to manage all design changes, specify requirements and conduct design reviews
  9. * Able to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines
  10. * Strong motivational and interpersonal skills


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To be successful in engineering, a passion for the subject and good communication skills are vital – you will also need to have strong problem solving and analytical skills, proficiency in maths and science and a large helping of persistence.

As with all jobs, engineers come in many different kinds. No single attribute will make you a good engineer. Engineering does, however, demand that many people with various skills are able to work together to solve complex problems. But there's definitely no exact formula that makes the ‘perfect engineer’. Perhaps the most important skills for an engineer are initiative and determination. The rest comes with experience and hard work.

Turn your job descriptions into impressive achievements:

Professional Experience & Significant Achievement

It is very important that the Professional Experience section of your Engineering CV shows a track record of of relevant achievement. Under each employer / position of your Engineering CV, include a brief paragraph that highlights your responsibilities (such as roles & responsibilities, etc.). Then provide a bulleted list of your main achievements, and make sure they are meaningful to the potential employer reading your CV. If possible, include concrete and specific facts. This will intrigue employers and draw attention to your application.

Engineering CV achievement example:

Company A

Chief Systems Engineer

  • * Responsibility for all production and associated operations. Joint responsibility for all off-site engineering work, managing a department of 24 engineers, with an annual budget of £2.3M and capital project responsibility in excess of £10M over the last 5 years.
  • * Key member of management team which launched projects valued at £60M over 5 years
  • * Pioneered prioritising quality and waste reduction over output across all areas of the organisation, with the emphasis on easily measurable and implemented systems
  • * Raised production efficiency by 33%, by re-engineering the processes and focusing on persistent problem areas
  • * 40%+ reduction of unplanned downtime throughout the organisation
  • * Successful installation and commissioning of 3 new major production units within budget
  • * Managed quality department for 2 years – driving quality from the top-down through cultural change and training

Education and Professional Development

An Engineering CV Education and Professional development section would probably include but is not limited to the following:

  • * CEng
  • * IEng
  • * BSc
  • * BEng
  • * MSc
  • * HNC/ HND
  • • Management Courses

  • Engineering CV Example of Education and professional development

    Vacuum Engineering and Applications MSc(Salford) 2010

    Trained in state-of-the-art vacuum engineering techniques, and technology, present within the industry; worked closely with industry, throughout the programme, allowing me to become familiar with the latest innovations.

    Personal Information

    The personal section of your Engineering CV should include hobbies and interests that show you have a social life so the prospective employer knows you have life experience as well as those interpersonal skills that money can’t buy.

  • * Interests & Pastimes:

  • * So now you know how to write an Engineering CV. Bear in mind that a well written Engineering CV can place you in a position to negotiate on your remuneration package, while a badly written Engineering CV will not even get a response. Don’t be the jobseeker with a bad Engineering CV; you could be missing out on a successful and highly paid future. Let CV-Shop write your Engineering CV today.

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